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It took one moment, one thought for my golf to change for the better.

It can for you too.

I played competitive golf as a junior, in college and as a professional.

I felt my score rarely reflected my true talent.

It was so frustrating.

I was constantly disappointed in myself and I sensed the people who supported me were too.

So I worked harder and practiced more.
But it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I never felt I played to my potential

I went to sports psychologist, got analyzed and tested and took lessons from the best teachers in the country. My skills definitely improved. My knowledge and insight improved.

But my performance didn’t.

I was still frustrated and disappointed.

It just wasn’t fun anymore.

And I quit…all while teaching golf for a living.

It was during my “break” while working on my personal life that I discovered the missing piece.

I learned I was not broken and you aren’t either.

I needed a few tools to help me manage my mind. Simple tools that applied to all areas of my life.

It changed everything for me. I lost weight, I felt better, my relationships improved, I liked work again.

Then I decided to apply it to my golf and I started playing again.

And it blew my mind…

Why had no one taught me this?

It was the missing piece that I wish I had when I started competing national at 12 years old. 

I wish I had it to manage the pressure of college golf. 

And I know my professional career would have taken a totally different path. 

Now I want to share what I know with other golfers and anyone looking to perform better, to increase confidence and to get out their own way. 

I put it all together in The Blueprint which teaches you how to take your skills to the golf course and play like you know that you can.I

Golf Highlights

  • LPGA Top 50 Teacher 2019-2020
  • Golf Digest Best in State 2019-2020
  • LPGA Top 50 Teacher presented by Women’s Golf Journal 2017
  • Golf Digest’s Top 50 Best Women Teachers in America
  • Voted Top Favorite Teaching Pro in NJ by Golf Styles New Jersey
  • Top 50 Teachers in the Country by Edwin Watts
  • Golf for Women Magazine Top 50 Teacher
  • Featured on the cover of Women & Golf Magazine, Golf for Women Magazine, Colorado Avid Golfer, New Jersey Golf Magazine and Player Magazine. 
  • Contributing Editor for Golf for Women Magazine and published numerous instructional articles for various magazines.
  • LPGA Life Member
  • Played for Furman University
  • Competed professionally in over 15 countries

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